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About Our Company

Our goal is to make hiring quick, easy and convenient for everyone involved. We offer a great selection of services that will make your recruitment process easier. Manfront Staffing is the one stop solution to all your staffing & recruitment needs. We are a leading recruitment agency that specializes in finding the best candidates for your open positions. We are a reputable and reliable agency that has a proven track record & have an extensive database of qualified candidates who can meet your needs.


See Us Now Staffing connects exceptional talent with leading companies by offering a seamless experience to career and business growth.


Our extensive network opens doors to premier job opportunities and personalized guidance for your career growth.


We provide quality-assured candidates tailored to fit your any kind of business needs, ensuring cost-effective and efficient hiring solutions.

Our Clients

Addressing some of Staffing Challenges

Manpower Solutions

Sourcing, Onboarding, People management and Payroll Management of skilled and semi-skilled staff.

Payroll Outsourcing

Online and offline management of Payrolling and Statutory Compliance of every project.

Supply and Management

Provisioning, operations and maintenance of IT and office infrastructure associated with manpower requirements.